We, from Manos Caps, emerged in 2013 from the envisioned dream of our partner Cesar Ramos. Our buddy has a considerable historical background when it comes to experiences in the clothing industry; he then decided to unite his two passions, much to our joy, hip hop culture and head accessories, better known to us as caps or beanies.

Our brand is for you, the street warrior, who's hustling in the daily grind, who doesn't like to stand still and makes things happen. Urban culture runs through our veins, and that's why we want to make a difference in the market, proposing quality products with innovative designs that easily adapt to various head shapes.

We believe that the cap is much more than a style accessory; it's like a crown – the aura of the 21st century, uniquely dressing every man and woman to confront the vast world that surrounds us today.

Our effort goes beyond production; we want to join forces with the cultural scene and underserved communities. We support and develop social projects with hard work, positivity, care, and utmost respect. Participating to make the world better is even better than seeing it improve.

Since 2017, we've been organizing Cultural Events with the participation of the four elements of hip hop: DJing, MCing, Graffiting, and Breaking. Today, we sponsor CNDD and have support from various municipalities for event organization. Through Fábrica Cultural, we further spread this culture that keeps us alive and does so much for people!